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Welcome to the Faculty of Sociology

Motivated by an intense desire to know what is "really happening," what goes on "behind the scenes," sociologists study almost every aspect of life in society. As Berger indicates, nothing is too sacred or too profane to be spared the sociologist's scrutiny. But when you penetrate the surface and peer behind the masks that individuals and organiza-tions wear, you find a reality quite unlike the one that is so carefully de-vised and, just as carefully, put forward for public consumption.

This changed angle of vision, however, is dangerous, for once you have peered behind the scenes and viewed life in a new light, it is nearly impossible to reved to complacent assumptions. The old, famil¬iar, and so very comfortable ways of looking at life become upset when your angle of vision changes. This potential of sociology, of course, is also part of its attraction”.

James H. Henslin sobre Invitation to Sociology, by Peter Berger

Around the city of A Coruña, the balcony of the Atlantic, a historical enclave of commercial and cultural exchange, the Sociology Faculty offers personalised, quality training. This is a modern centre of a high technological level, a close and pleasant working environment for society’s knowledge.

We offer a warm welcome to all of you who are eager for curiosity, to you who wish to know our world better.